Thursday, February 4, 2010

Herpes Pictures On Pubic Area Can You Help Me Figure Out If I Have Herpes? Please This Is Serious And Very Important!?

Can you help me figure out if I have herpes? Please this is serious and very important!? - herpes pictures on pubic area

My skin is open in the region of pubic hair on my vagina. I do not know what to call them .. Perhaps bubbles? I'm afraid, a word that sounds like herpes to take honestly. I researched photographs and it seems as if he saw something, just on the mouth of a person on Google images but not. No pain, no tingling sensation like pins and needles, as I've heard people say it's cold, itch from time to time, but not directly on the blisters. The first is completed almost healed after the first one weeks ish, but has been expanded a bit and can say that the new form. I do not know whether to grow the same size as the others do not (less than one cent), and I do not know if it will continue to grow, but it's really crazy, and all recommendations that could be done would be very be estimated. I intend to call a gynecologist in the morning to arrange an appointment. Is there a chance that there is another kind of skin condition? I showed the doctor my way to the hospital, but seems not much. He said he had infection and put me on antibiotics, I think I am allergic and was taken two weeks ago for a different disease. I stopped taking the pill after a night when I woke up, an itchy rash on the face, the face of the same eruption that after the first time that I have encountered for several days in a row. I also had a hemorrhoids in the past few weeks (I'm a mess, I know), but it has virtually disappeared. Both could be connected? I researched and studied, but I need more answers. Thank you for reading the time and please help me, if you can!


  1. Sometimes you may have erupted with the symptoms does not mean it happens very often.
    The rash on the face, there are other possibilities such as eczema or sensitive skin, which is a reaction to something. After cutting down the stairs is a different story. If you had oral sex or regular I would say, maybe a little out of herpes. If you have not had sex then I doubt that this herpes is, but what might be, there is something out to your gynecologist in order. You do not know what toilet paper, that things might be acceptable if it is a "super cleaner" (people who clean long after you go). Or maybe a bacterial infection.
    I was afraid to tell in the first floor. But the more I said I have herpes, I could accept that I have. Since it appears there's nothing more to produce than cuts spontaneously. Ask your doctor to do some tests on the reductions, if you have not yet been tested and dermatologist, rash on the face, if it happens again.

  2. Syphilis can be a painless lesion similar to herpes. The best way to distinguish syphilis is painless (painless), and herpes is painful.

    Syphilis is making a comeback and treated early can be cured.

  3. I think you have a good idea to go see your gynecologist. is the best and safest. Also tell him about previous medications have in what could have been worse injuries.